I belong.

Nancy Barrett, (UK) Director of ion creative  ran a workshopto explore what we knew, and felt about European citizenship and values, and to uncover some of the tensions of the concept; to help us start to think about how we define, reflect and express this in the group art work. After some reflection the group made paper planes with their initial thoughts and questions, and then flew these to each other, creating responses as each plane ‘landed’ and then choosing a new route to fly the ideas on.

IMG_0424 IMG_0426 IMG_0428 IMG_0430


Some Interesting Questions arose that will begin to inform out thinking as we make the work:


Is there a distinct European culture?

What are similarities, differences and overlaps between local, European, and global citizenship?


Who are the immigrants, refugees and non-Europeans?

How will integration, inclusion and participation work?

Is European Citizenship an elitist idea?

Are we describing a reality – or constructing one?

How can the concept become more tangible, relevant and meaningful for young Europeans ?


We also look at some case studies form the UK and Ireland that have used arts and creative processes to explore and uncover a space, or location, to reflect individual identity, and shared heritage.

My Space My Place , a project with secondary school students to explore identity and heritage, and to share commonalities from this- using variances in languages, traditions, religious practices, leisure time and hobbies, to pull together common threads. The UK is a country built from migration over many years , and the notion of what it is to be ‘British’ is rarely explored in schools.


Nancy 2

Amanda Rice and Joanna Hopkins, ( Ireland)  talked about their recent project, as an example of a temporary artworks and installations. The project took place in and around the town of Castlebar, Co Mayo.



and UK artists Elsia Atersaro discussed some of the roles involved in creating a group show.



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